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The Impact of the Motion Picture “The Passion of the Christ” to Society Essay Sample free essay sample

Enthusiasm of the Christ is a film that portrays the most recent 12 hours of the open existence of Jesus of Nazareth. The motion picture is fixated on his torment. dread. test. distress and expire. Because of its communicated content. it gathered various responses from various individuals and turned into a recipient of horrible judgment and congrats floods. The film got comments in the aspects of precept. confidence. film rules. heavenly nature and even political relations. It caused an auxiliary hindrance among individuals who as of now to have otherworldly and social contrasts Hostile to semitic ControversyPassion of the Christ’s most prominent basic enemy is the Judaic people group. Preceding the film’s discharge. questionable issues were at that point at manus. it was whether the Passion of the Christ was hostile to Jewish or non. The Judaic were concerned and remarked that the film has discrimination against Jews reasonings. The Judaic individuals guarantee that the entire account of Jesus Christ was against Jewish. they other than bring up that the Bible is a solid apt proof of these cases. We will compose a custom article test on The Impact of the Motion Picture â€Å"The Passion of the Christ† to Society Essay Sample or on the other hand any comparable subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page The Judaic even say that it was of incredible lightening that the Godheads of the film did non trust generally on the Bibles. else it will be more ruinous than it previously was. The counter semitic intension is said to hold been by and large found in the character of the Judaic High Priest. Caiaphas and the nonsensical riffraff of Jews who support Caiaphas’ cruel fierceness against Christ’s. Judaic pundits are flabbergasted on how the Christians are nonsensical and naif in demonstrating the showing the finger Christ’s expire to the Jews while they ought to be in dept of appreciation for their genuine reclamation. Judaic ministers were grieved after having comments from a 21-year old Muslim grown-up female who saw the film was convinced and said that the Jews’ equivocations were uncovered and they should be denounced for it. Unexpectedly. it is standard to Islam Conformists that a prophesier ought to non be depicted in any signifier of workmanship. be it in writing. film or theater. Aside from racial issues. the film’s mediation was other than addressed by the Jews. Judaic Critics other than include that significant characters, for example, Barabbas do non fit the printed depiction. The film exasperated further objection after observing a scriptural progress in an impossible to miss segment of the film. Non-Christian and Judaic disparagers consider th e to be as a signifier of profound haughtiness. Effect on Hebraism A few traditionalist Jews repulse the hypothesis that the film’s reason has hostile to Jewish insinuations. They accept that there are Judaic readings that shed a positive obvious radiation. Anecdotal characters like Simon of Cyrene. Mary Magdalene. Veronica. Mary. Diminish and John demonstrated that the film is non preferential or advance inclination. This gathering of Jews even bolstered the film. Moreover. the film obviously shows that there are Jews on the two sides. The film clearly indicated Christ as a sanctuary focused Jew. Simon of Cyrene is disdained as a Jew by Roman Soldiers when instructed to move the cross. The solitary individual profiled in a shooting as a generalization of a Jew is Peter. in spite of the fact that it was appearance-wise and non character or disposition. Traditional Jews even neglected at the oversights and recommended that the film passes on a verifiable in explanation that it is non Jews essentially who picked Jesus’ executing. however , only a small amount of the Judaic driving. what's more, inside that bunch there are contradicting parties on the torturous killing each piece great. The Conventional Jews thought of the counter Jewish inference to be ridiculous. The greater part of the Christians during the clasp the Gospels were composed view themselves as Judaic since they grasped the order that Jesus is the satisfaction of what God had guaranteed. Christian discrimination against Jews by was still a very long time off from even get bringing down when the occasions of Jesus’ expire and suffering took topographic point. They other than shielded that the film’s forms of the Judaic swayers have genuine tendencies ; history demonstrates that inappropriate exercises on an insurrection against the Roman Regime one time destroyed the Jews. Judaism includes that the visual portrayal of the extremist will of the Judaic pioneers based from the first outreaching Bibles other than act and express in adjustment to the mien of each compelling pioneer since the beginning. They recommend that the input of the advanced Jews is unlogical and does non deny the authentic and scriptural connection only in view of their invalidation to the brutal truth that their antediluvian forerunners have schemed and convinced a neighborhood senator to hold a grown-up male. whom they dreaded to undermine their impact to the nearby open. sentenced to perish. Moreover. the High Priests are delineated as persuasive pioneers simply and non perverted people who incur grievous torment. racial issues and outrage ought to be on the Italians perspective since the punishers were Roman Soldiers and talk conversational Latin. Scriptural DifferencesChristians battled that the film were the existent occasions on the finishing up long periods of Christ. Anyway Non-Christians and a few theologists raise contention about the authenticity of the film. Scholars state there were neither character fabricate ups nor a foundation of Jesus’ directions. The film properties its disparities in three aspects ; Mel Gibson’s individual conviction. commonplace portrayals and aesthetic permit. Scholars note the distinctions of the film from its unique starting which is the Bible. Discussions with Christian Groups Most Christians guarantee the film The Passion of the Christ as an entryway to the cutting edge universe that is foul and indecent. Numerous core gatherings of Christian religion considered the film to hold outreaching purpose. Then again. there are some Christian Groups. exceptionally. advanced Christians that show disappointment over the film. They guarantee that the Godheads of the film have fundamental proclamations that they wish to pass on. Executive Mel Gibson is a conventional Roman Catholic who is preservationist with the examples of the religion. Christian pundits brag on Gibson’s exercises and the association of his convictions to the film. They guarantee that Gibson’s reason for the survey crowds of the film is incorrect. Christians incorporate that the film is propelling the Roman Catholic guideline of Sacramentalism. Sacramentalism implies that. Christ endured and passed on the cross. this was the money related estimation of recovery which in twist. grown- up male needs to oversee this recovery. That grown-up male can non achieve recovery through religion completely however by heading out to Christ through the Catholic Church and having ceremonies, for example, Baptism. Affirmation. Eucharist and so on. To a Catholic Priest. Contemporary Christians consider that Gibson’s convictions and his intercession of the film are in amicability with Roman Catholic Theology. in this manner. nicknaming the film to hold subconscious substance. What concerns Modern Christians more is that the motion picture is non completely dependent on the Bible. it other than used starting stuff from Roman Catholic Traditions. They state that within informations of Christ’s anguish in the film were non written in the Bible. Asserting that if Christ’s suffering were each piece dependable as the film Tells. He could hold been dead before his perish sentence was passed down. Christians censure the film as Biblically undependable and in a snide conduct. a Catholic film. Christians other than remarked on different aspects of the film beside its mystery plan and validity. Christians other than took their wrath out to the players of the film. They express extraordinary dissatisfaction with the players. They guarantee lead histrion Jim Caviezel is a given Roman Catholic and sacredly adhere to the principles of Roman Catholicism. Christians other than incorporate that the film is each piece monstrous as the individuals underway. This was a surge to the entertainers in the film. Monica Belucci who played Mary Magdalene. who was a previous adult film on-screen character. Rosita Celentano who played Satan. Claudia Gerini who played Claudia Procles and Maia Morgenstern who all had front reasons for living in the adult delight industry. Contemporary Christians other than boasted on acclaimers and heroes of the film. They acknowledge the way that the film was a creation in conveying the Good News to non-devotees ; by and by they other than area that motion pictures and arranged introductions do non number as substitutions to regular techniques for forecasting. They hinted that the last clasp other media was utilized to declare the Gospel was the clasp when the interlingual interpretation of the Scriptures were prohibited. They presume that the Bible enriched us with the astonishing essentialness of forecasting and hands down us with the grounds why it is unreplaceable by different signifiers of conveying. Verifiable Conflicts A few historiographers other than questioned the signal picture’s truth. Latin was the etymological correspondence spoken in the film ; historiographers guarantee that Jesus communicated in Greek and Aramaic. The visual part of Christ in the film was addressed by historiographers each piece great. Orchestrating to historiographers. brandishing of longhair is non impossible for a Judaic grown-up male during that cut. History specialists accept that the Gospels were written decennaries after the alleged day of the long stretch of Resurrection. they other than contend on the wonder of the incident and whether to see it an authentic occasion or non ( Nwazota 2 ) . The Passion and the World of Politicss Pundits estimate that The Passion of the Christ will most likely back the racial

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Differences in cultures Essay

Culture impacts the techniques of advertiser for various markets and shopper gatherings. There are different elements which effects culture for example globalization, internationalization and improvement in the media transmission area. These have empowered exchange of thoughts and perspectives on one culture to another. Henceforth impacts the populaces around the world. Different markets today are changing to homogenous commercial center. The distinctions in shopper inclinations and decisions are decreasing step by step. Either buyer would request very surprising item or will purchase something which is normal. The decisions of customer depend on the variables like his needs and financials. As said by Williams, â€Å"People across societies can do something very similar for various reasons or thought processes, and individuals in various nations may do various things for similar reasons. †(Mooij and Marieke K. de, 2004, p. 138) Cultural qualities shift with item classifications. An advertiser would utilize those properties of any item which are socially progressively acknowledged to structure its showcasing, selling and notice procedures. Purchasing intentions will be diverse in various societies. For example for a specific nation having car can be a superficial point of interest while in other having natural amicable vehicle can be increasingly significant issue. Culture impacts the demeanor and dynamic ability of the purchaser. It impacts the marking, bundling and advancements systems. Various Colors and shapes have various implications connected to it. Advertiser needs to comprehend these implications and factors so as to choose for the showcasing blend item, value, spot and advancement. The bundling which assumes various jobs for the advertiser and purchaser from securing the item to drawing in the customer requires extraordinary consideration so it tends to be acknowledged inside the objective shopper gatherings. â€Å"Throughout the previous two decades globalization has brought about immersion of local markets which lead organizations to turn out to be progressively universal. The perfect procedure in the advancement to the universal commercial center is produce, bundle and sell precisely the same item that was sold in the household advertise. This idea is upheld by an assortment of analysts (Samli, 1995), who announce that 75% of the world market might be very indistinguishable socially. However, this may be an egocentric point of view of the world, disregarding the remarkable characteristics of each culture. In pith, the staying 25% of the world is socially extraordinary. † (Weber, J. M. et al. , 2002, p. 396) I. I. a. Different Factors Influenced by Culture There are different variables impacted by culture. The motivation behind why individuals purchase certain item at explicit time of tie might be impacted by the social setting of the person. Organizations’’ preceding propelling their item or setting any operational examination experience the social parts of the particular market. This encourages associations to serve and work inside that zone successfully. Numerous worldwide standard items, thought to be sans culture, are brought for various reasons across societies. In any case, there are contrasts in understanding certain item traits and shifting purchasing thought processes which can be all around clarified by hidden social qualities that fluctuate by item class. For example, promoting requests which are powerful in one culture may bring about various reactions when utilized in another culture, for example, in UK brew publicizing utilizes hilarious interests and German vehicle promoting utilizes innovative interests. Aside from publicizing offers even if there should be an occurrence of essential needs the thought processes of purchasing shifts as, intentions in purchasing a vehicle may change between security, status, plan, and earth agreeable, all dependent on various social qualities. (Mooij and Marieke K. de, 2004) Some of those are talked about beneath: †¢ Attitude †¢ Ethnocentrism and Ethnic Background. †¢ Lifestyle †¢ Language †¢ Esthetic Experience †¢ Purity †¢ Color Perception †¢ Selective Perception †¢ Communication †¢ Visual Images †¢ Shopping and Buying Behavior Attitude: Attitude of people are guided by their qualities and convictions. These variables are likewise impacted by the way of life individual has a place or lives. Perspectives affect conduct and the other way around. Diverse culture shows distinctive sort of mentalities on different issues like nations of birthplace of items, brands, moral measures and a lot more inside its individuals. Ethnocentrism and Ethnic Background. â€Å"When buyers incline toward items or brands from their own nation to the items or brands from different nations, this is called Consumer Ethnocentrism† (De Mooij, pp. 120). The social personality of the item changes as per its nation of source. The items from west are viewed as renowned and complex while items from china are viewed as low quality items. Way of life: As referenced in crafted by Mooij and Marieke K. de, (2004) Lifestyle is characterized as the method of living. Living over the globe is distinctive in various societies. Language: Language is a mechanism of correspondence. It tends to be either in composed, spoken or even in sign structure. Language is an articulation or an exhibit of a general public and culture. Different components of culture like musings, thoughts, values, convictions are reflected through language. Specific language speaks to its own social system. Speakers of various dialects not just make statements in an unexpected way, they experience things in an unexpected way. Tasteful Experience: Esthetic experience alludes to the experience of joy or disappointment brought about by improvements that are seen as being wonderful or not delightful, appealing or un-alluring, and fulfilling or unrewarding (Russell et al., 1997. p. 125). The tasteful worth can be made by the visuals, shape, language use and others. Specific culture may consider specific factor significant for example Visual language is socially explicit in Western societies. In Asian societies visuals assumes a significant job in the creative mind. For the Asian fashioners as focusing is intended to be a crucial rule in visual workmanship in numerous Asian societies. There is a major distinction on the tasteful interests affecting people in east or west. In Asian societies unpredictability in the plans and visuals is exceptionally normal. The utilization of Colors and shapes will be extraordinary. Generally brilliant Colors are utilized in Asian nations which have its own importance joined to it. Ladies generally wear red marriage uniform as red is the image of flourishing and development in numerous societies. Condition: Different societies manage the earth in various manners. In the west nations like Britain and US natural concerns are so high these worries have sway on the item assembling to item bundling technique. The bundling would fluctuate as per the natural gauges. This is the motivation behind why the utilization of poly asks have been supplanted by the recyclable paper and items for the bundling. Immaculateness: Virtue is an abstract terms utilized by the scientists and academicians. Immaculateness is at times joined to the tidiness and once in a while to the spirit of individuals. It shifts from culture to culture. In some culture eating food from hand might be worthy while in other it very well may be unsatisfactory. The ongoing debate on the main unscripted TV drama of UK â€Å"Big brother† the parts of culture and virtue come into picture where one part wouldn't eat supper arranged by the other part and would have been one of the issues of substance. Shading Perception: â€Å"Colours are known to forces enthusiastic and mental properties (Hevner 1935; Ward 1995). † (Thomas, J. M. et al. , 2000) According to Gunnerod (1991), Japanese buyers incline toward white, while purchasers from Hong Kong lean toward red. Tektronix (1998) found that in India, orange is viewed as the most consecrated Color by Hindus while the Ndembo in Zambia don't consider orange as a different Color. In an examination a Housewife’s were given 3 distinct bundles containing a similar cleanser of various Colors; blue Color (calm Color), the subsequent yellow (it had solid perceivability) and yellow with blue stripes. The criticism of shopper was that cleanser in Blue didn't perfect appropriately. While cleanser in Yellow †‘was too strong’ and Yellow with blue stripes ‘was just perfect’. The outcomes can be founded on different elements of a person. In US Colors are related with specific pictures. These pictures are as per the following: †¢ BLUE is related with Wealth, Trust, and Security †¢ GRAY is related with Strength, Exclusivity and Success †¢ ORANGE indicates efficiency †¢ YELLOW, ORANGE, BLUE are associated with bliss †¢ RED, BLACK, BROWN are associated with bitterness The view of Color is distinctive across societies. In Dutch culture RED is the conspicuous Color rings a bell though in US it is BLUE. Correspondingly BLACK and BROWN are the two Colors unequivocally connected with Sad and Stale in different societies has some extra significance of Formal in Brazil, Colombia, PRC and Taiwan. These Colors are viewed as Masculine in Austria, Hong Kong and US. BLUE, GREEN and WHITE Colors are related with Peace, Gentle and Calm in practically all the nations. Hues like GOLD, ORANGE and YELLOW which don't groups solid relationship with any of the Color implications and are some how near each other. In India white Color is additionally connected with grieve. Individuals wear white Color garments in death function. Widows in Hindu culture wear white dress for a mind-blowing duration after the demise of spouse. They are not permitted to utilize any type of Color. While in west white is utilized as a Color of the wedding dress. Specific Perception: Perception of an individual in regards to a specific viewpoint relies upon number of components like qualities, convictions, level of training and others. It tends to be characterized as

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Quick Fixes for Common Legal Writing Mistakes

Quick Fixes for Common Legal Writing Mistakes Lets face it: legal writing is difficult. However, there are many quick fixes that can help you to establish a clear, understandable style. Below are my top 20 tips for improving your legal writing.Defined terms should be consistent. If you tag Bill Smith as the Plaintiff, call him the Plaintiff throughout the entire document, not Mr. Brown, Brown, Billy or whatever other name you think will spice up your brief.If you label something A, there must be a B. If used correctly, headings are a great way to organize your brief and give the reader an overall picture of your argument. Headings and subheading should preview each section of legal text. Further, they should be similar in content, grammar and placement.Avoid conclusory language. A conclusion, standing alone, will not persuade your reader. To build a persuasive argument, you must cite to the specific facts and legal authorities that support your conclusion. You cannot simply tell the reader that the Defendant was clearly negligen t. Rather, you must provide the reader with the facts and reasons necessary for him to conclude that the Defendant was indeed negligent.Avoid superfluous language and use plain English. Although every legal education includes the mastering legal terms, part of becoming an effective legal writer is shedding the archaic, the legalese, and the Latin. Too often, those legal words do nothing but make the text sound like a lawyer wrote it. Usually, there are many more effective, reader friendly alternatives that say the same thing. A good rule of thumb is to use legal words correctly but sparingly, and only when necessary.Avoid colloquialism. Legal writing is formal writing. Therefore, you cannot simply write how you might talk in ever day, casual conversation. Most importantly, slang should always be avoided. For example, it would be inappropriate to write, Mr. Brown kicked the bucket on X date. You should simply write, Mr. Brown died on X date.Avoid being catty, snide or sarcastic. It m akes you look childish, immature and unprofessional. It does not add anything to your legal argument. Moreover, judges despise it!Ensure dates, names and amounts are consistent. This simply requires careful attention to detail. I suggest reading through your draft and checking that all of the names are consistent, i.e. you have not started referring to James Smith as Jim Smith halfway through the brief. Next, check that your dates are accurate and in chronological order, if applicable. Finally, double-check any monetary amounts, paying special attention to any parenthetical numerical amounts and their corresponding written amounts.Triple check references to exhibits and affidavits. As with the above, this is primarily an exercise in proofreading and organization. Although it is often tedious, it can prevent embarrassment down the road. You do not want the judge to have to look through all of your exhibits because you mistakenly referred to the demand letter as Exhibit A when it is r eally Exhibit C.Commas and periods go inside quotations. Commas and periods go inside quotes. Always. No exceptions. Quotation marks are used incorrectly in so much legalâ€"and non-legalâ€"writing that most people arent sure what is in fact correct. To further confuse writers, the opposite is true in British English!Beware of over-chronicling. Some dates are very important, but most are not. When the date of every event is listed, it is difficult for the reader to discern which, if any, are relevant to the merits of the case. So unless the exact date is important and should be remembered by the reader, leave it out.Show, don t tell! In your fact section, include concrete examples and citations to relevant documents. This is far more convincing than your opinion or characterization of the facts.Words like obviously and clearly hurt more than help your writing. If you have to emphasize your argument with these words, chances are your argument is not very strong is the first place. Alt hough it seems paradoxical, eliminating these words from your writing actually makes it stronger and enhances your credibility.Its means it is. Its means belonging to it. Enough said.Resist the temptation to use a large word when a small one will do. For example, in most situations, the word use is fine and the word utilize is a bit much.Be brief and to the point. You do not want the reader to be exhausted, physically or mentally, by the time he or she is done reading your brief. I have yet to put down a brief and say, I wish that had been longer, U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. has said.Always give the pinpoint page cite. Should you not give the pinpoint page cite, it suggests to the judge that you are either lazy or that you have accurately recited the holding of the case.Don t be bossy. Avoid telling the court what it must or cannot do. Instead, simply assert that the court should not hesitate to grant the relief your client seeks.The Bluebook is your friend. When it doubt as to a legal citation, look it up. The Bluebook is surprisingly user friendly. Never rely on the citations given in published opinions or by legal research tools, as they are not always correct.Save ample time for proofreading. Typographical mistakes, grammatical errors and incorrect citations can harm your credibility. Take the time to carefully proofread your document and do not simply rely on your word processor s spell and grammar check as they miss many errors. If possible, ask a friend or colleague to review the brief as well.Revise and rewrite, repeat as necessary. It often takes several drafts to attain the virtues of brevity and clarity. Even when you think you have arrived at the final product, take some time and then revisit the draft so you can better evaluate it with a fresh eye.There you have it. I hope my perspective helps you to refine your legal writing skill set. Like any discipline, it takes a lot of practice and trial-and-error, but with time you should be able to master these quick fixes.

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How Technology Has Affected Our Lives - 1291 Words

Then there is the cost factor, to be able to use this software; you must first switch all medical records to a digital system. This appears to be so costly that the government offers incentive money to meaningful users of the electronic patient e-file. Then there is the issue of, what if the system goes down at a critical time in patient care? If there is no hard copy to fall back on how will that affect the outcome? Lastly, there is the possibility of a data breach this could cost thousands in legal fees (Khazan, n.d.) To speak on another way the advancements of technology has affected our everyday lives, just think about our shopping habits today. In today’s world of purchasing a majority of consumer buying is now done online.†¦show more content†¦Students were exposed to an ad that seemed targeted based on their online behavior for a high-end watch. They were then asked to rate how sophisticated they believed themselves to be. The data showed they rated the mselves higher because they believed the ad was targeted based on their characteristics. They believed they were more cultured therefore; this increased their interest in the watch (Smith, Summers, Smith, 2016). Another hot topic in the world of business applications today is mobile technology, and the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The learner believes the advancement of mobile technology is the most valued AI to operations and management of business. With all the new advancements in mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, computer interfaces in cars, etc. business can be run anywhere. Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. These processes include learning, reasoning, and self-correction. Particular applications of AI include expert systems, speech recognition and machine vision (What is AI, n.d.). Instead of just cell phones, there are smartphones now, they call them smart for a reason, which is because AI has been added to the devices. Everything can now be done with a smartphone that once could only be done on a computer, thus the mobilityShow MoreRelatedHow Technology Has Changed Our Live s987 Words   |  4 PagesCommunication Lost Technology has become the new way to communicate in today’s millennium generation. Individuals are using phones as a part of their everyday lives. Apps and online resources have been greatly used to communicate with others. According to the author’s, technology could be the reason for building or ruining relationships. Whether or not technology could be building relationships, I believe technology is destroying communication between friends and family. Due to technology, relationshipsRead MoreThe Impact of Technology on Todays Society Essay1121 Words   |  5 Pages The Impact of Technology In Today’s Society â€Å"How has technology changed our lives?† Throughout the years we have been experiencing a dramatic change in the world of technology. IPhone’s, Blackberries, and laptops are becoming an important part of our daily lives. We are all so dependent on these devices that sometimes we treat them as if it is part of our family. Technology has become a priority for many people, and it is likely that people with choose technology over many other thingsRead MoreOur Helpless Dependance on Technology1674 Words   |  7 PagesTechnology started out as a necessity, people needed it back when they werent guaranteed safety, heat, shelter etc. Technology similarly started off by accidental discoveries that slowly morphed into technology today. Technology in the past is much more different than what it is today. Take the example of fire. Fire started by accident but furthermore led to expansion into creating bigger fires. To be exact this happened because there was a need to keep wa rm and have a source of light. The discoveryRead MoreThe Rhetorical Appeals : Is Google Making Us Stupid? Essay1248 Words   |  5 Pagespresented by two different authors who have written about the subject of how technology is affecting our lives. In the article, â€Å"Is Google Making Us Stupid?† by Nicholas Carr, he describes how over the years, using technology has evolved his way of thinking in a negative way. On the other hand, in the article â€Å"How technology has changed our parenting lives† by Christine Organ, she promotes the use of technology, for it has improved her as a parent. This paper is to examine the rhetorical appealsRead MoreTechnology And Technology1027 Words   |  5 Pagespast few years technology has advanced in many ways. There are many experts who believe new technology is a threat to our brains. While others argue that new technology offers many benefits to our brains like, â€Å"enhancing our intellect, creativity, and mental capacity. † In my opinion, I think new technology is and can be a threat to our brains because I believe technology is replacing our ability to write, and read books. Also, while others might disagree with my thoughts on new technology, I believeRead MoreTechnology And Its Effect On Communication955 Words   |  4 PagesTechnology has changed the way individuals communicate and limits the number of face-to-face conversations. Technology affects the way individuals keep in contact with one another and it has taken over people’s lives. People have become more dependent on technology to function every day, and without it, their lives are incomplete. However, technology does not negatively affect communication in some circumstances. Miscommunication, emotional intelligence, and information technology are key characteristicsRead MoreThe Harmful Effects Of Overusing Technology1546 Words   |  7 PagesThe Harmful Effects of Overusing Technology The discovery of technology has had plenty of so called positive effects on us Americans. Due to new technology based inventions, coming out every other day. We Americans are able to get places every day without much physical movement. We talk to each other without getting out of a chair or picking up a pencil, do our jobs quicker; easer; or with less people to deal with, create ways to carry our money and personal information without dealing with paperRead MoreCommunication Technology Is An Intrinsic Part Of Our Lives1231 Words   |  5 Pages Technology has become an intrinsic part of our lives, we have become dependent on it. It can be said that we cannot survive without it. The electronics that the advancement in communication and network technology has provided us with has become a part of our bodies. The obvious effects of these advancements can surely be seen in our society today. Human relationships have changed quite a bit. The way people interact and behave was aff ected as well. Not only that but also the perception ofRead MoreTechnology Has Changed Our Lives1387 Words   |  6 Pagesbeen many advances in technology from the creation of the telephones, to flip phones, to smartphones and even the computer; technology has increased our ability to communicate more easily and sufficiently. Although technology has greatly impacted our lives in a positive manner, and has made a way of communication much more easier, it also has negative effects that today have made individuals more lazy by the day. Although we have the answer to almost any question right at our fingertips, the increasedRead MoreCommunication : A Essential Component Of A Healthy Social Lifestyle1415 Words   |  6 Pagesmade advances in technology to improve our style of social communication. This technology was made for benefitting humankind; however, as time progressed, this advancement has proven to take a negative effect on the population’s social skills. Social interac tion has diminished with the continuous usage of today’s thriving technology. Most people in today’s society rely heavily on their technological luxuries and as a result, they lose their social ability. â€Å"Without learning how to have social interactions

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What Is The Role Of The Community In A Community - 932 Words

that do that. That may be a good investment of your resources and time, to say, â€Å"Okay, as a township, we want to trust us in an integrated comprehensive way. These are the people.† I think they’re usually like a one two-day training. They come back for a booster, or something like that. It’s something that if the will is there and the coalition is united, that this is the good approach. It’s something that could make a significant difference with relatively fewer resources. You’re not adding resources. You’re just leveraging the existing resources. Female Respondent: In the collaboration around the same-- Interviewer 2: (51:24) And you’re speaking of the CIC training? Female Respondent: Not necessarily. I don’t think--- Interviewer:†¦show more content†¦Female Respondent: You have talk to the emergency people about if the paramedics, and stuff†¦ I mean, there’s the frequent fliers. They’re just seeing them all the time. How many times do you need to go and make a visit to realize there’s a problem here. Here’s a business card, you can call this person up. Female Respondent: But beyond that, what else is the process? How do you call that person--- Interviewer: (53:12) I’ve also heard of this program, especially for the senior citizen population, training people who deliver through meals-on-wheels program? Female Respondent: Yes. Female Respondent: I think it is the first. That’s like the (53:21 inaudible/crosstalk). Interviewer: (53:27) As a coalition, if you decide this is something you can focus on, there’s a lot of power that you already have that you can leverage. Female Respondent: Yes. I think it’s a better organization. I do think Healthier Barrington, we’ve had this awareness around mental health, but how do we take it to the next level to help ensure that people get to the services. Don’t just give them a flier or card, but call. What does that look like? Female Respondent: How do we do the bridging? Female Respondent: How do we actually do that well, and not just Joyce’s group. How do you take the time to come and go? This is not a BUIFS case. How do I get them connected to Joyce? How do I get them connected toShow MoreRelatedWhat Are The Key Roles Involved In Running The Administrative Side Of The Community?712 Words   |  3 Pagesof moderators in this community gave insight into how it operated. One member of the group noted two key roles involved in running the administrative side of the community. These two roles may sound similar, but they have striking differences that make their variation requisite to the success of the community. The higher of the two being the â€Å"Administrative,† position or the admin for short. The second role is the â€Å"Moderator,† or mod. During normal operation, these roles share many of the sameRead MoreEssay on What role do rituals play in affirming community?2147 Words   |  9 Pagesimportant ones like remembran ce services for those who died in wars. It is my objective in this essay to try to explain in what ways that rituals affirm communities (if they do) and what role they take. To do this I will use three historical periods to outline my argument that rituals overall help to unite communities most of the time. Through the use of repetitive actions the community is positively bolstered by connecting with the pas, and potentially increases the level of belonging and attached oneRead More What role does community planning have in economic development?2912 Words   |  12 Pages DBP411 – Community Planning Assignment 2 Community Planning Practice Paper What role does Community Planning have in Local Economic Development? Lecturers:nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Fiona Caniglia amp; Stuart McLaughlin Student:nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Andreas Faludi Student ID:nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;02534955 Due Date:nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;4Read MoreWhat Are the Most Important Elements of the Affordable Care Act in Relation to Community and Public Health? What Is the Role of the Nurse in Implementing This Law?1113 Words   |  5 Pagesseniors rely on Medicare Advantage, the private health care option in Medicare. However, Obamacare makes such deep cuts to that program that half of those covered will no longer be able to keep the coverage they have.Obamacare expands governments role as the primary payer of health care by adding 18 million people to the Medicaid program, which on average reimburses doctors only 56 percent of the market rate for medical procedures.Due to increased regulation and less reimbursement, 66 percent ofRead MoreThe Role of the Community Health Nurse794 Words   |  3 PagesThe community health nurse faces many challenges that impact the health of communities. The community health nurse is adaptable and is able to provide care to a dive rse group of patients with many different health needs. The community health nurse is a critical thinker, an advocate and has investigative abilities; they are educators (Meadows, 2009). Utilizing data on the morbidity and mortality of the community can facilitate the community health nurse in developing a health plan. A needs assessmentRead MoreEssay on Community Policing1114 Words   |  5 PagesCommunity Policing By the late 1970s, resulted from massive immigrants, the communities within America had become a diverse pool of nationalities, subcultures, and attitudes (Barlow 1996, p.651). People often identified themselves as parts of separate groups and at times the police was not part of what they called us†. During this time, a burst of new ideas and changes in the political and economic structure began to occur that would eventually bring about a new kindRead MoreCommunity s Membership And How My Identity As A Social Worker Is Influenced By The Community1669 Words   |  7 Pagesdeception and intrigue. Communities are developed to uncloak the clutter of empty phrases. A community is a social unit of any size that shares common values. In every community, there are conditions present that affect the identity of the participants and their degree of cohesiveness. Communities are a major determinant of an individual’s attitude, characters and interpersonal relationships. This paper seeks to discuss my community which is Rosslyn community, my role in the community and the challengesRead MoreHow Can We Make Our Economy And Fund Our Tourism?1297 Words   |  6 Pagesthat the local government needs to fund tourism as well as keep it in good condition. Allow me to illustrate this point by showing the role s local government plays within the community, and the importance it has in creating a successfully developed tourism product. A successful tourism product should maximize the benefits for not only the residents of our community but the tourist themselves. Over the past forty years, trends in the tourism industry illustrate there has been strong growth fromRead MoreDeveloping Positive Relationships With Parent And The Community857 Words   |  4 Pagesrelationships with parent and the community. This would include the administrators, certified teachers, teaching aides, secretaries, custodians, maintenance, and bus drivers. As in the video the principal talked about how it is important to make sure that all the staff felt like they were part of the team and was aware of what was happening in the school. The community sees any employee of the school district to be a trusted individual that should be able to explain and talk about what the school is doing. ItRead MoreWith So Much That Has Transpired Recently Involving Law1212 Words   |  5 Pagesprotect and serve. There are many questions along with different controversial views on the roles of policing. The roles of policing are a very complex and at times can become very controve rsial depending on the laws and different induvial ways of thinking. In this paper, I will attempt to point out and discuss several roles of policing. Before talking about anything first, the understanding and clarity to what policing really means. By tradition, most people think of police usually as having the responsibility

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Patch Adam Free Essays

He also tried to use his humor to help heal the pain and suffering. Patch Adams tried to grant their wishes while they were on their death bed, He tried to make them forget about the negative things. He wants them to make the best of It while it lasts. We will write a custom essay sample on Patch Adam or any similar topic only for you Order Now There are a lot of bad customer services from the nurses and Patch Adams in the hospital. For example, one of the nurses refused to enter room 305 because the patient was mean. That shows neglecting a patient. Patch Adams also showed some bad customer service. Not acting professional in a work place. He goofed around a lot only to make his patients happy, and they were very grateful of his humor. Also the director who was walking the class around was shouting out the patient’s diagnoses out loud, that wasn’t good customer service. The front desk lady didn’t want to attend a patient’s mom until she filled out all of paper work. She should have attended her first because it was an emergency. Patch Adams did a lot of illegally things that took place in the hospital and in school. The director as showing the third year class around and was telling his students about the patient’s diagnoses. That is the patients’ confidential business and it should have not been discussed. Patch Adams also communicated with the patients and he was only in his first year of medical school. The nurses were also discussing the patient’s diagnosis with Patch Adam who is a student. It is not to be discussed with a student. When Patch Adam went into the school and took his own file was illegal. If I had the chance to work for Patch Adams I will love to. He went a very long way to get where he Is at now. I admire him for all his hard work. He tried his best to brighten patient’s lives even if he knew they did not have much to live. I am sure that his doctor clinic will be a lovely place to work. I think the movie was a very touching movie. Patch Adam fought for what he wanted. He didn’t give up, nor let other people judgments get to him. I learn a lot about customer service, and how to be professional and make patients smile. Patch Adam By lessened Patch Adams real name is Hunter Adams. A man who was in the same mental institution Patch Adams was in had given him the nickname. He named him Patch Adams because he patched up his cup because it was leaking. The understanding bed. He tried to make them forget about the negative things. He wants them to make the best of it while it lasts. There are a lot of bad customer services from the nurses he is at now. I admire him for all his hard work. He tried his best to brighten patient’s Adam fought for what he wanted. He didn’t give up, nor let other people Judgments How to cite Patch Adam, Papers

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Modernization Poised Between History and Prophecy

Many personalities have contributed immensely towards the understanding of the concept of development. Economic development is one of the major pillars that are used in analysing the developmental status of a given nation or continent. A number of theories have been advanced to explain the general economic growth pattern.Advertising We will write a custom article sample on Modernization Poised Between History and Prophecy specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This paper seeks to provide a summary of the content of Chapter 6 in Gilbert Rist’s book, â€Å"The History of Development: From Western Origins to Global Faith†, written by Rostow. The essay will review Rostow’s theory of economic growth which he has categorised into five key stages. Furthermore, it will also highlight Rostow’s opinion on anti-communism versus Marxism without Marx. Finally, two more people, besides Rostow, with different perspectives o f economic growth will be mentioned; Francois Perroux and Dudley Seers. Rostow’s work, just like other theorists, was very influential on policy development especially in the early 1960s. His theory developed initially from lectures that he used to deliver at Cambridge University in 1958 (Rist 93). The focus of the work was on addressing the challenges that were faced then, including European economy, and the impact of the then decolonised states on economy and development. Rostow’s aim was to ensure that a clear pattern of progress was developed towards successful modernisation by the countries of the world. As a result, a philosophy of history focusing on Rostow’s stages of economic growth was developed (Rist 94). The five categories in which a given society can lie are: the traditional society, the preconditions for take-off, the take-off, the drive to maturity, and the age of high mass-consumption. His witty use of words to create ‘development’ jargon contributed to the success of the book. Firstly, according to Rostow, traditional society is a form of degree zero of history corresponding to a natural state of ‘underdevelopment’ (Rist 95). He claims that this stage is characterised by the negligence of modern technology by some countries or regions resulting in significantly low-level production compared to other industrialised societies. ‘Primitive’ societies are depicted as fighting against scarcity and thus their need to embrace modern technological means of production. Secondly, the stage of ‘preconditions of take-off’ is characterised by the spread of the idea of the possibility of economic prosperity which is a necessity for other desired societal conditions (Rist 96). This belief results in the disintegration of the traditional societies leading to the creation of a ‘modern culture’. Take-off is the third stage in Rostow’s economic growth model. This stage i s an interval between the old obstacles to steady progress and the eventual triumph (Rist 97). The take-off stage paves way for a steady economic growth in the society. The rise in commercialised production and extensive use of modern technology is a characteristic of the take-off stage.Advertising Looking for article on history? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Fourthly, there is the ‘drive to maturity’ stage which comes immediately after the end of take-off with a period of about forty years in between before maturity is attained. At this level, the society has completely overcome the challenges faced at the traditional level, thanks to the use of new technologies (Rist 97). The last stage of economic growth, in Rostow’s opinion, is ‘the stage of high mass-consumption’. Here, most of the gains from increased productivity are distributed to workers with an aim of increasing consumption (Rist 98 ). Europe and Japan, according to Rostow, entered this stage in the 1960s, a time during which the Soviet Union was striving to achieve. With the belief that growth has no limit, Rostow attempted to superficially offer an explanation of what happens after the ‘final stage’. He said that the future of a given society should fall within the trajectory defined by past experiences. Furthermore, Rostow, in his book, tries to demonstrate how the situation in USSR in the late 1950s ‘deviated’ from the general theory of modernization (Rist 99). He believes that the Soviet Union disintegrated when, instead of entering the stage of mass-consumption, it tried to impose communism on its people. USSR resorted to investing 20% in arms race, and creating a police state to threaten its citizens (Rist 100). Such a situation was only possible for workers in a capitalist state, according to Marx. The response by the nationalists, according to Rostow, helped create the present day Russia. He goes ahead to explain the concept of Marxism and economic growth. Rostow’s stages of economic growth were very popular during his time and were perceived as a prophetic book for the world. However, there were other personalities, though not very popular, who had different perspectives on economic growth and related issues. Francois Perroux exerted significant impact on theories of ‘development’ in France. He criticised classical and neo-classical economics on the basis of their mechanistic concepts of equilibrium which disregards the inequality between actors (Rist 104). He contributed a method of analysing real economics rather than the use of abstract models.Advertising We will write a custom article sample on Modernization Poised Between History and Prophecy specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Dudley Seers is another individual who made notable contribution in the field of economic development. He argued that the economics taught in Universities were based on the state of ‘developed’ countries and thus could not be applied in examining the economic growth of ‘underdeveloped’ countries. He strongly objected the universal validity of some economic claims (Rist 106). Seer’s critique was so tough to such an extent that the corporation f economists opted not to respond and avoided controversy (Rist 108). The essay has summarized Rostow’s five stages of economic growth as well the concept of anti-communism versus Marxism in relation to economic growth. It has also mentioned the theoretical contributions of two individuals during Rostow’s time. Work Cited Rist, G. The history of development: from western origins to global faith. Zed Books, 2002, Pp. 93-108. This article on Modernization Poised Between History and Prophecy was written and submitted by user Karla Gibson to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.